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Do you know different type of Kundali or birth chart?

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We will discuss in this article about different type of kundali or birth chart of any individual. I hope you already know about what is kundali or birth chart. so lets get to know about kundali type.

what are the different type of kundali?

In Vedic astrology there are four different charts or kundali named as Lagna Janam Kundali, Chandra Janam Kundali, Navamsa Kundali, and Chalit chart.

All these four different types of kundali are used to predict or create a horoscope for individuals. So, let’s get deeper into these kundali types and understand their significance in Vedic astrology.

Lagna Janam Kundali

This chart provides information about the individual’s character, physical appearance, health, and overall life path. Lagna Janam Kundali is also known as the Ascendant birth chart.

All these information is based on the positions of the planets and other celestial bodies at the time of a person’s birth, from the perspective of their location on Earth.

Chandra Janam Kundali

Chandra Janam Kundali also known as the Moon birth chart. Its provide information of person’s emotional nature, intuition, and their subconscious mind.

Navamsa Kundali

Its derived from Lagna Janam Kundali. It divides each of the 12 zodiac signs into 9 equal parts, resulting in a chart with 108 sections.

Which tells about about a person’s relationships, marriage, and spiritual growth.

Chalit kundali or chart

This type kundali Shows the exact position of the planets and their relationship with the zodiac signs and houses. It tells about strength and weakness of each planet and how it influences a person’s life.

Vedic astrology practitioners can predict the strength and weakness of planets, as well as potential future events and challenges by analyzing kundali charts.

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Which is main kundali type in Vedic astrology?

According to Vedic astrology, Lagna Janam Kundali is the main kundali, and other kundalis like Navamsa Kundali can get. Therefore, Lagna Janam Kundali holds the most significant importance among all the kundali types.

Why Navamsa Kundali type of kundali is the best?

Navamsa Kundali is drived from Lagan Kundali and its more specifically about marriage match making, and analyzing the happiness of Var and Vadhu after marriage.

FAQ based on Diffrent type of Kundali are?

Below are the most asked questions and answers for different type of kundali or birth chart. Read them and get your answers.

If your Question or answer not listed here and you want to know the answer? Please comment on this post we will answer it.

Different Type of Kundali - FAQ

Q1. What type of kundali chart is best?

Ans:- In Vedic astrology, practitioners use different kundalis based on various requirements and purposes. However, it is widely considered that Lagna Janam Kundali is the most effective kundali chart among all.

Q2. Which is the main Kundli?

Ans:- Lagna Janam kundali is Main kundali. which is representing the exact planet positions at the time of birth of any individual. By combining these two results a best prediction could be make on marriage and marriage life.

Q3. Which kundali is seen for marriage?

Ans:- Navamsa Kundali is seen for marriage. Along with it 7th House of Janam Lagna kundali is responsible for the marriage in kundali.

Q4. Why different type of kundali used for?

Ans:- Different kundali are used for different astrology event prediction of individuals. Like Chandra Janam kundali used for daily weekly Horoscope and Navamsa Kundali is for Mach making and happiness during marred life

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Hope all above information we have provided you liked it. we have explained about different type of kundali astrology. and how you can use them for Prediction of horoscope and other events of any individuals.

If there is any specific thing you want to know about type of kundali or Janam kundali type don’t forget to comment bellow and share this article with family and friends so they also can get knowledge about there kundali.

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