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What is kundali or birth chart?

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Kundali or birth chart is a chart which represents the possessions of planets according to the Birth date, time and place of birth of any individuals person or child. And its used for prediction of future past and present of any individual.

It is believed that Kundali can provide insight or prediction into an individual’s personality, life path, and destiny, making it a valuable tool for personal growth, life balancing and development.

If you Want correct prediction from your birth chart its very important to get advise from experienced astrologer or Kundali readers.

How kundali or birth chart looks like?

Kundali or charts are having same for every person, the only difference is passions of grah in different grah nakshatra based on Name , place date and time of birth of any individual.

Below are the different graphical representation kundali or astrology charts you can say Janam kundali charts.

Different type of kundali charts
Different type of kundali charts

Vedic kundali is known by different names, each kundali having same meanings and studded on same ways.

Below are the different names of janam kundali

  • Janam Kundli
  • Natal Chart
  • Horoscope
  • Astrological Chart
  • Vedic Chart
  • Jyotish Chart
  • Sidereal Chart
  • Astrology Birth Chart
  • Zodiac Chart
  • Star Chart.
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What are Kundali or birth chart house?

As you seen in above images, kundali is a graphical representation of twelve Houses. these houses are very important. which tells specific effects in your life.

each house having grah or planate based on this any astrologer make prediction.

Brief Intro about kundali houses is :-

1st House:- This house is all about ‘you’ or the ‘self’, and provides insight into your personality and approach to life. Tells about physicals structure appearance of person.

2nd House:- it can reveal a person’s financial situation and the support they receive from their family. Like how much wealth he can have or about finance situation of siblings and parents etc.

3rd House:- This house can give insights into how a person communicates with others and their relationship with their siblings.

4th House:- The fourth house is all about happiness derived through the mother, home land, and property. And emotional attachment to there family and mother land etc.

5Th House:- Its provide insight into a person’s creativity, Education and interests, as well as about how many children’s can have after marriage.

6th House:- If want to know person’s health issues, Financial debt, enemies, disease, as well as competition, challenges and their ability to overcome obstacles.

7th House:- Provide information about marriage and the characteristics of a person’s spouse in their birth chart.

8th House:- Moving onto the eighth house, this represents longevity, in-laws, and wealth. This house can give insights into a person’s potential for wealth and their relationships with their in-laws.

9th House:- Provide information of a person’s luck, beliefs and spirituality(Religion), as well as their relationship with their father or spiritual guide(Mentor).

10th House:- Represents Karma bhava, representing reputation in society and a person’s potential for success in their career or profession.

11th House:- Represents income and gain or earning during a person’s life time. This house can give insights into a person’s potential for financial success and prosperity.

12th House:- Tells all about Moksha and spirituality, as well as expenditure. This house can provide insight into a person’s spiritual beliefs and potential for inner growth and development.

Where janam kundali is used?

According to Hindu rishi muni and ancient traditions, it is believed that Kundali or birth charts are crucial when undertaking any significant endeavors in life.

Therefore, it is common practice for individuals to consult with Vedic astrology practitioners and analyze their kundali charts before making important life decisions.

Like :-

  1. Kundali is used when finalising marriage.
  2. while starting any Business.
  3. Buy any Property or buy any vhicle etc.
  4. Buy a House or make a new house.

and some ocasions which are having high value in your life. so its recommended to follow your kundali and a good astrologer.

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FAQ for janam kundali or Astrological Chart

Below are the frequently asked questions which every one have in mind. read the answers and tell us if you have any specific Question in mind which is not listed below , we will revert asap.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How we can Get a jyotish chart?

Ans:- You can get your kundali online from a good astrologer, or you can meet in person with pandit. who you can easily find in a Temple or online too.

Just tell Him about basic details like Name, Date of birth, time and place of birth. than he can provide you kundali and detailed description related to you.

Q.2 Can i read kundali? or Who can read astrology birth chart?

Ans:- Yes , you can read your kundali or birth chart {Read our blog to gain knowledge about how to read kundali.} Or its recommended to find a reupdated astrologer or Pandit near you.

Q.3 Is free kundali also effective?

Ans:- Yes its effective , but we can not say because now a days there is many people do it. but you need to find a trusted kundali service provider or if you get a free Kundali.

Also you need to verify it weather its have information which is esthetic and based on your information. Which you can do by reading our blogs.

Q.4 What do i need for my Janam Kundali or birth chart?

Ans:- For janam kundali chart you need

Name: John Doe

Date of Birth: January 1, 1990

Time of Birth: 7:00 AM

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, USA

Q.5 Can i get a Kundali or birth chart now, because i did not created at the time of birth?

Ans:- Yes you can get it any time, just you need to know or have information as described in Q. 4 of this FAQ.


We have try to cover all your Questions and Detailed information which is required to know. Hope you have got this information helpfull about what is kundali or birth chart. if you found any thing which is missed from us please comment we will happy to update it.

Also request you to share this article with your loved once to provide or enhance knowledge.

Love to write about effective upaye for Kundali dosh Upaye, Effects and Cause. Provide comprehensive Info about Vedic Astrology, How to read kundali yourself, create kundali, Kundali milan, Vastu dosh and there upaye, and other Astro Upaye for balance life and achieve goals.

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